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Showfloor Features

Showfloor Features and Product Showcase Features

The CeBIT Australia exhibition showfloor will feature interesting uses of technology to stimulate your mind. These features are dotted around the exhibition showfloor and range from driverless cars, holographic displays and 3D scanners through to autonomous robots. Simply register for a free exhibition pass to get your chance to have a close-up look at these exciting technologies.

Driverless Pod and Car – SF1

Australia is on the brink of a transport revolution, and the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) is ready to take everyone on an exciting journey. The peak industry advisory body services the wide ecosystem of automated vehicle activities across Australia and New Zealand, and made motoring history by conducting the first on-road trial in the southern hemisphere. This is a not-to-be-missed presentation on the future of motoring, with an interactive pod and Volvo also on display.


Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) - CeBIT Australia

holographic display voxon - CeBIT Australia

Holographic Display – SF2

Holographic images have held the imagination of many since the first appearance in Star Wars in 1977. Now Voxon Photonics, based in South Australia, have developed glasses-free 3D and holographic display technology. Developed over 9 years the technology brings digital content to life and helps empower people to visualise, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to experience or glasses required.


VicHyper – SF3

Hyperloop strives to significantly minimise travel times, reduce carbon footprint and lessen the cost of travel while emerging as the safest mode of transport. A new way of moving that is faster, cheaper, safer, and more efficient than anything that exists today. Air-tight pods fly through a near-vacuum tube, travelling up to 1000km/h, to get you or your freight to destination in the quickest way possible.


Vichyper at CeBIT Australia

Toyota Human Support Robot at CeBIT Australia

Future of Robots – SF4

Industrial robots have been around for some time, but robots capable of real intelligence are now becoming a reality and are set to transform the lives of many. This feature will bring together one of the most highly awarded robotics laboratories in Australia to profile autonomous robots that are capable of successfully interacting with humans in domestic and industrial settings. The domestic robot, a Toyota Human Support Robot, is one of only 12 selected to compete in the international RoboCup competition in Nagoya this year.


Eora 3D Scanner – SF5

The EORA 3D Scanner was born out of need for an affordable and highly-precise 3D scanner. Scanners that are precise to sub-100 microns start at $5000. By harnessing the power and optics of a smartphone, EORA 3D could reduce part-count and cost. The system scans in full colour with great detail and includes an automatic turntable to turn the object so you can capture all sides at sub-100 micron accuracy.


eora-3d scanner at CeBIT Australia

Remoteboot at CeBIT Australia

Remoteboot – SF6

Remoteboot is a device which allows you access the files and programs on your desktop computer anywhere, anytime, without leaving your computer on, reducing idle power consumption by 99%. Compared to Wake on Lan (WoL), it does not require motherboard support, an ethernet connection nor specialised software. The device was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter by a 16-year-old high school student, Ben Wang.


Wirebutter – SF7

Often wonder if you have left the iron on after leaving the house. What about being able to turn on appliances remotely. Imagine if we stuck a smartphone into every power outlet and delivered cloud access to control and measure power consumption. Wirebutter solves many issues with energy management, fragmented automation technologies and inter-operates with many other technologies.


Wirebutter - CeBIT Australia


Workerclicks – J6

Worker Clicks is an exciting start-up company based in Australia specialising in live video chat solutions specifically for a physical environment. Utilising highly sophisticated streaming systems, our remote live human operators will proactively engage your customers “at your location” wherever our screens are positioned and if required, move with them instantly from tablet to tablet as they move through your location. Customers can initiate engagement with our remote operators with a single tap if they require assistance. We are providing this first of it’s kind turn-key solution strictly on an ‘invitation only’ basis.


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