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Franki Chamaki

Co-Founder & COO, Hivery

About Franki Chamaki

He was a founding member of Coca-Cola’s first Accelerator, a network of entrepreneurs working in the most innovative cities worldwide to build the next generation of billion dollar businesses with the support of Coca-Cola.  

In 2013, he set up internal startups for the Coca­Cola Accelerator (now Coca-Cola Founders Platform). In 2014, it was spun out of Coca-Cola and set up as Red Garage Ventures, which builds startups connected to Coca-Cola’s global assets. 

He is currently Cofounder and Chef Operating Officer of HIVERY. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) company where its vision is to Make every action sensational using AI. HIVERY has a propriety algorithm framework that represents the next frontier of data analytics, developed and secured from CSIRO’s Data61. 

Prior to this, he worked at AMP – a leading specialist wealth management company – where he led various business design roles and later years in strategy and innovation. 

Growing up, he tinkered around re-inventing mousetraps to selling recycled rubber as erasers. He often been branded as a “Professional Geek” and has launched several early stage start-ups namely mockupmytattoo.com - an online service that helps people see how their tattoo would look like and spaceble.com - a peer-to-peer-marketplace for physical space. 

He specialize and has a passion for experimental mindset, open innovation, Lean Startup and Design Thinking; and goes by the belief that anyone who tries to improve a situation is a designer.

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