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10:00 - 10:45

Uncovering the future through corporate venturing in Silicon Valley

Corporate venturing is way for existing businesses to tap into the potential that exists within the more agile start up environment. The Silicon Valley ecosystem is a world leading environment which has consistently seeded and developed businesses that have fundamentally changed the technology landscape. 

Hiro leads the Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory in Silicon Valley, an organization that Yamaha Motor’s have created to access the potential that exists within this ecosystem. Their mission is to seek out and support organisations that they hope will enhance society for years to come, working collaboratively to shape the future of industries ranging from personal transportation to industrial automation. 

In this presentation Hiro will share the journey of Yamaha Motor’s with their thoughts and experiences in corporate venturing to date, with insights into their very latest projects and ambitions. He will provide a unique view of the Silicon Valley Startup ecosystem, how it is evolving and the opportunities that he sees exist for more traditional organisations to support new ideas to shape the future of our world in the years to come.

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