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The future of jobs

The skills that will be required for the jobs of the future differ enormously from those that we have traditionally needed. Our school systems are set up to teach our kids in subjects that may not prepare them adequately for the world that they will be growing into. How can we change the way that they are taught? How can we even be sure that the skills we foresee now will be the right ones in 15 years time? 

All we know is that the jobs of the future will look vastly different to the ones we currently have. Traditional organisational structures will be disrupted, coding and general technology literacy will be the building blocks for much of what the human workforce will be focussed on. Many existing positions will be automated but the role of robots and technology is not to be feared, it will create as much as it will remove. 

Hear our expert panel discuss the future of jobs, what will they look like, and how must we adapt our education systems, and ourselves today, to prepare for the future?

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