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14:00 - 14:45

Developing AI applications that will power the future of business

The Machine Intelligence and Technology lab is Alibaba’s AI R&D division. Being part of the DAMO Academy, it spearheads Alibaba's efforts in AI to bring sweeping and disruptive changes to Alibaba’s (and China’s) dynamic business landscape, and to “solve the problems of the future”. Xiaofeng Ren has been the chief scientist at Machine Intelligence Technology since 2017 when he moved across from Amazon (he was previously a senior principal scientist at Amazon and led the algorithm developments of Amazon Go that powered the launch of the world’s first Just-Walk-Out store), to help power Jack Ma’s announcement that he intends to build an R&D capability to deliver his vision for the next 20 years: ‘to become the fifth largest economy in the world, serving 2 billion consumers, creating 100 million jobs and helping 10 million companies make profit’. 

Since the start of 2017 China’s tech giants have been investing billions into developing their technical capabilities, especially in AI. In this presentation Xiaofeng will examine the AI ecosystem that exists today within China. He will give us insights into the emerging AI applications being developed at Alibaba, and their potential impacts on the future of the company and beyond.

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