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Session information

15:45 - 16:15

The dark side of the cloud: Balancing risk with usability

With wider deployment of smarter AI-enabled IoT devices with advanced sensing, interaction, communication and transacting abilities, it is anticipated that fog and edge computing will enhance the intelligence and agility of cloud services and bring computing processing resources closer to the sources of data collection and user interaction.

The combination of these technologies powered by data will push the cloud to the edge, adding to the complexity of legal and policy concerns. This session will look at the risks we need to be aware of as well as responsibilities and mitigations.

  • Privacy & data challenges
  • Smart, blockchain and automated transactions between connected machine learning (ML)-enabled IoT devices and humans on the cloud
  • What happens when ML and algorithmic decisions make the wrong call on your behalf?
  • Where should liability lie for failure in the mesh continuum towards and from the edge?

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