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CEBIT Australia


Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard offers state of the art Simulator Technology:
-Smart sensors track your motion
-Main Computer analyse response from skis
-Powerful drive system recreates G-force
-Virtual Reality to visualise your experience
Learn to Ski before you reach the snow or refresh your abilities from last season.
Become confident in your skills and be fit and ski-ready all year round...
No lifts, No lines, Infinite Adventures! Watch what you can expect here.

Maxo Telecommunications

Escape your Telco! Play MaxoTel's popular Escape Room with an all new challenge, or go head-to-head and slash your way through bills with Virtual Reality Bill Saver, based on the #2 best selling VR game of all time!


Partake in the immersive world of GOAT VR. Experience Virtual Reality like you have never felt it before to understand how far this technology can go. Take a seat in the simulator and put the VR goggles on to be exported to another dimension. Virtual Reality has never been so much fun!

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