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29 - 31 October 2019
International Convention Centre Sydney

CEBIT Australia showcases the dynamic merger of business with technology, where it’s going AND how it can help you

Explore issues that will have an
impact on your
business and make the
connections you need to
navigate them


The new CEBIT Australia has been totally reimagined to reflect the universality of tech in everything we do, everyday! Whether you work in IT, operations, marketing, sales, HR, government, health or education, you’ll be richly rewarded by attending.


A CEBIT like you haven’t experienced before. Content that connects you with great minds, activations that expand your thinking and networking that exceeds your expectations.


CEBIT Australia is all about facilitating connections for business and personal growth; whether through technology or an old-fashioned handshake, we will be working hard to make sure you meet the right people.

If you use tech, you need to be at CEBIT australia


Will one of these people change your life?

  • As the relentless pace of reinvention continues, the most successful organisations are those that use technology to put the customer at the heart of their transformation. Join a series of deep dives and case studies exploring how technology and innovation is impacting on customer experience.

  • Whether you’re a start-up, scale-up, SME or large enterprise, the drive to grow hasn’t changed, but the pace and the tools certainly have! Come and see how innovation is priming businesses for even faster growth and learn how leaders are applying friction-reducing technologies.

  • Data is the ‘new oil’ and security is a key feature. As every facet of personal and business life becomes digitised as highly sensitive data, breaches can be devastating. Join the discussion about new challenges both technical and ethical and review the newest technologies that keep our data secure and our businesses protected.

  • How do you lead an organisation where employees at all levels choose roles based on flexibility and variety? How do you ensure your own skills will be relevant in the years to come? Participate in the latest thinking by governments, businesses and education providers as they grapple with ways to prepare workforces for a hard-to-predict future.

  • Technology has the power to enhance the way we live. People with disabilities are using technology to improve their everyday lives, companies are building digital services in a way that is more accessible and ensuring digital inclusion. Across our communities technology is working to make cities safer and less congested. Learn about the very best side of the potential of technology, and how it is changing lives for the better.

  • We're just starting to understand the wide-reaching implications that Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will have for business and society, and becoming more aware that rules and standards are needed now for the years to come. What role should we play in creating and applying the right ethical and regulatory frameworks? Join us to look at the present and future applications of both these technologies through use cases and studies of exciting business and industrial applications.


Braindate Knowledge Share

Introducing Braindate at CEBIT Australia: Connect and Learn with the People Around You

CEBIT Australia will be a fabulous place for you to connect with incredible people, gain new insights and learn new things that will propel you forward. How do you spark those meaningful conversations? This is where our partnership with Braindate comes in.

Braindates are about sharing knowledge. They are 30-minute one-on-one conversations or 45-minute group discussions that you book with other CEBIT attendees on the Braindate platform, to have in person at the event.  Knowledge sharing and building new connections at CEBIT starts with a Braindate! Stay tuned for more information.

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What’s in store on the floor?

CEBIT Australia will bring together a comprehensive range of innovative organisations who can help you with your digital transformation journey. Our showfloor will celebrate the innovation of technology and the industries that it has disrupted. More features will be announced but they include:

  • Brand Activation Campus – immersive technology demonstrations
  • Tech on the Deck – Engage, have fun, and interact with peers and technology on our outdoor tech deck.
  • Central Stage – Our keynote speakers will deliver presentations at the heart of the show floor.
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Enjoy a free evening of drinks and content!

Fuckup Night & Networking – 5.00- 7.00pm, 30 October

Attend the Fuckup Nights for free and hear stories of professional failure: the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, they will tell them all. CEBIT Australia will also host drinks at the exhibition to allow you to network with other professionals.

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