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Ty Miller

Founder and Director, Threat Intelligence

About Ty Miller

Over the past decade, Ty Miller has developed an impressive portfolio demonstrating his vast experience and accomplishments. This has allowed him to become a well-known and highly respected specialist within the IT Security industry, not only in Australia but around the world. As a result, Threat Intelligence has experienced great success and has attracted top quality talent to join the team from Australia and internationally, who get invited to present and run training at conferences including Black Hat, AppSec, Defcon, Bsides and Hack In The Box.

He has trained up the likes of FBI, US Department of Defence, US Military, Australian Taxation Office, international Government agencies, and the top technology and security companies, including Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Juniper, Cisco, Yahoo, VMware, and Tripwire.

Ty was selected amongst a team of Australia’s leading security specialists to establish and run the CREST penetration testing exams as the standard for Australian and New Zealand. This appointment includes leading the CREST Assessor Team and holding a position on the Board of Directors of CREST Australia and New Zealand to further define the strategic direction of CREST.

Ty was a co-author of the highly popular security book "Hacking Exposed Linux 3rd Edition", developed a cutting edge attack technique that allowed him to remotely bypass all security controls to attack internal servers from the Internet, and has been engaged to enhance some of the most elite specialist security products with his advanced attack concepts and skills, including developing the “DNS Covert Channel” feature of the highly popular commercial exploit framework “Core IMPACT”.

Ty also gets engaged as a feature presenter and blogger on behalf of vendors and organizations for conferences and product launches on a range of relevant information security topics.
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