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Phil Morle

Chief Executive Officer, Pollenizer

About Phil Morle

Phil Morle is Co-Founder & CEO of Pollenizer, Board Member and Incubation designer at Ideabox, and startup founder of over 35 companies. He also oversees DataStart - an open data initiative and partnership between Pollenizer and the federal government to support data-driven innovation.

Phil co-founded Pollenizer in 2008 to help startup entrepreneurs get started with their dreams. He has led the development of Pollenizer’s internal practice for repeatedly launching new ideas into markets. He is one of the world’s well-known lean startup practitioners, training and advising thousands of entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs in large companies across Asia Pacific.

Before Pollenizer, he was the CTO at Kazaa for 5 years and led the development of a technology strategy which saw 5 million users online at any one time, millions of downloads per day and a total global user base of over 100 million, all this powered by innovative technology, a globally distributed team and a sprinkling of imagination.

Before that, strangely, Phil was a theatre director with companies in the UK and Australia. This taught him the discipline of making something valuable with few resources.

Phil was Founder Institute Mentor of the Year in 2013 and listed as one of Sydney’s most influential people by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2011.
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