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Jo Burston

CEO and Founder, Inspiring Rare Birds and Job Capital

About Jo Burston

Jo Burston is the founder and CEO of Job Capital a company she grew from nothing to $40M in less than 5 years with a team of 12, co-founder and director of Phronesis.Academy and founder of the entrepreneurial movement Inspiring Rare Birds.

Rare Birds works to promote opportunity for women in entrepreneurship and has a global vision to have one million women in its community by 2020. The business is partnered with Phronesis.Academy to provide a blended learning environment to teach the skills and mindset of entrepreneurship to children and adults.

Jo collaborated with Phronesis.Academy co-founder Dr Richard Seymour, from the University of Sydney Business School, to develop its first program startup.business. The program is being taught in selected secondary schools and is on track to be rolled out nationally.

Sharing entrepreneurial journeys is one of Rare Birds’ core offerings and Jo has so far published three books – Brilliant BusinessKids, Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs and #IFSHECANICAN. Brilliant BusinessKids is her most recent publication, having launched in August, 2016, and is a comic book showcasing the real-life stories of 12 children – many of whom have global enterprises. The book can read as a standalone publication or as the course book for startup.business.

Jo has been recognised as one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs for the past six years and is a leading authority on global women’s entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a whole, and SMB markets. She was recently invited by Microsoft to address 45,000 delegates at its Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto and has also delivered a summer course on entrepreneurship at Oxford University, in the United Kingdom.
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