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James Bangay

Previous Managing Director and Founder, Fugro Roames

About James Bangay

James Bangay is a Digital Transformation Executive with global experience leading both Government and Private sector enterprises.

With over 20 years experience in technology, much of it within the energy and automotive sector, James has led some of Queensland's most innovative engineering projects, including Roames, which was recognised by the Edison Electric Global Innovation award in 2015.

Roames, the company founded by James Bangay and now operated by Global Engineering company Fugro is producing 3D earth data at an unprecedented rate across three continents.

Previously, James was the head of strategy for Ergon Energy where the reality of disruptive technologies was evident in the transition from 100% grid dependence to renewables, and ultimately, to the internet of energy.

Having travelled the globe engaging with C-level executives, strategists and technologists in some of the world's largest infrastructure and technology companies, a common theme has resonated: The pace of change is unprecedented and it’s challenging traditional thinking around strategy and business plan formulation. James now serves as an advisor and strategist for Utilities and Local Governments as they explore the transformation to “Smart”, leveraging the value of Digital Earth, Augmented Reality, and gaming.
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