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Jack Quigley

Founder and Managing Director, CrowdfundUP

About Jack Quigley

Jack Quigley is the Founder and Managing Director of Australia’s leading real estate crowdfunding platform, CrowdfundUP.

CrowdfundUP has successfully raised ten of millions of dollars online for alternative property investments across Australia.

Since leaving his profession as a commercial lawyer, Jack has played an influential role in shaping the Australian FinTech industry. Jack has advised both Governments and Regulators on a variety of aspects FinTech sector including the befits that FinTech has provided and will continue to provide in the future to the wider Australian Economy.

Jack has been a Champion of the Australian FinTech industry and is a Founding Director of FinTech Australia. Jack's passion and knowledge of the Australian FinTech market have seen him be regularly asked by government speak about the vibrant Australian FinTech market to audiences across the globe.

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