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Gaurav Sood

Founder, HealthTech Sydney

About Gaurav Sood

Gaurav Sood, B. IT, B. Eng. (Hons.), MBA, is a strategy and technology consultant with a passion for innovation management, product strategy and service design. With over 10 years in industry across biotech, financial services, enterprise architecture, healthcare analytics and consulting, he combines unique cross-functional insights to simplify complex paradigms, and design innovative customer value propositions and experiences.

Gaurav founded HealthTech Sydney (www.healthtechsydney.com.au) in 2013, growing the Meetup group to over 800 people, delivering over 16 high quality industry events in 2 years, creating a connected healthcare and technology innovation ecosystem. Gaurav aims to build the services and products of the future to shape our digital ecosystems and lifestyles

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