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Elisa Mokany

Vice President R&D, SpeeDx

About Elisa Mokany

Elisa Mokany is a co-founder and the Vice President of Research and Development at SpeeDx. In this role she leads the development of innovative diagnostic technologies and commercialization of infectious disease and antibiotic resistance tests. Elisa has 17 years’ experience in medical research, she has worked for St Vincent’s hospital developing tests for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer and later at Johnson & Johnson Research (JJR) where she developed diagnostic tests for leukemia and was involved in the commercialisation of proprietary technology known as DzyNA PCR. While at JJR, Elisa undertook studies towards her PhD, which involved co-invention of the novel nucleic acid technology, PlexZymes, which is key to the portfolio of intellectual property which underpins SpeeDx Pty Ltd. Elisa is an inventor on 8 patents/patent applications involving nucleic acid analysis including the novel PlexPrime technology which has multiple applications in the in vitro diagnostic field, including rapid tests for antibiotic resistance. Elisa studied at the University of NSW, obtaining a BSc (Hons 1st Class) and later completed her PhD at JJR in conjunction with the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science at the University of New South Wales.
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