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Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh

Radiation Oncology specialist & Co-Founder, CancerAid

About Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh

Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh is the Co-Founder & COO of CancerAid. Completing his Medical Training at Nottingham University, UK, Raghav moved to Sydney, Australia and undertook training in Radiation Oncology at RPA hospital, having completed his specialist qualifications in Radiation Oncology in 2016. Raghav has the vision of improving health care outcomes with the use of digital tools and was drawn towards designing CancerAid which aims to achieve this objective. Raghav recently won the EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs award for recognition towards the initiative in creating CancerAid an innovative healthcare solution to change cancer care on a global scale.
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