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11:45 - 12:15

The Enterprise Immune System: Using machine learning for next generation cyber defence

The scene of cyber security is changing. Classic compromises were observed in first-stage cyber attacks – data was stolen or a website was embarrassingly defaced. Today’s most sophisticated attacks are playing a longer game – one that is silent and stealthy. How do you find out about the attacker that is, unbeknown to you, already in your midst and navigating your systems?

This new generation of cyber-threats requires a fundamentally new approach to cyber defense. Based on unsupervised machine learning and probabilistic mathematics by scientists from the University of Cambridge, new ‘immune system’ technologies are capable of learning a ‘pattern of life’ by modelling the behaviours of each user, device, and network. Rules and signatures are simply not sufficient on their own to combat these evolving attacks. Self-learning technologies are the key to solving the crisis created by this new age of cyber attacks.

  • The implications of the new era of cyber-threats for business networks
  • Why legacy approaches like rules and signatures are proving insufficient on their own
  • How new immune system technologies are imperative for the next generation of cyber-defense
  • Why 100% network visibility and intelligence allow you to preempt emerging situations, in real time
  • Real-world examples of subtle threats that routinely bypass traditional controls