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Preparing, leading and transforming technology to access cost effective, scalable and lean results that support organisational goals

Although an increasing number of organisations are completing a digital transformation of some kind, whether that is shifting from legacy to cloud, integrating systems or moving platforms, it is critical to know how to optimize the process. This extends from choosing the right mix of vendors, to preparing your team, to leading them through the process and then by empowering them at the end by freeing up their time and allowing them to develop rather than maintain. In this panel discussion, panelists will share their own experiences, learning’s and stories to help you make the most of your own journey. It will discuss:

  • Choosing cloud platforms and new technologies to enable a lean and more streamlined organisation while cutting costs, keeping it agile and delivering business value
  • Key preparations for people, governance and processes to make across the organisations prior to running workloads in the cloud
  • Exploring stories of transformation
  • Examining reflections and the outcomes of the journey