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12:05 - 12:30

Overcoming challenges with existing policy, data sovereignty and privacy to gain optimum business value

With every cloud provider restricted by their hosting nations laws, regulations and policies, it is hard to understand which one to choose. It is imperative to understand the potential ramifications with regard to security and privacy prior to signing with a cloud provider. Is it better to use a cloud provider in the USA, the EU, elsewhere, or to simply stay local? Is it ever worth compromising on the rewards to mitigate a potential risk? This session will endeavour to address some of the burning questions:

  • Examining cross-border security and privacy
  • Exploring the emerging challenges of IoT, Big Data and Algorithmic automated decision systems on the cloud
  • Understanding national laws in a globalised economy - The long-arm reach of EU and US laws and their ramifications
  • Identifying a suitable international environment to host cloud platforms

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