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14:35 - 14:55

How to deploy Cloud to deliver outstanding customer experience

Cloud brings many advantages, and one of them is its ability to deliver an excellent customer experience and united service. Beyond Bank were exploring approaches and technologies to integrate information from the previously-siloed systems across every customer touchpoint to deliver a single view of the customer. The solution needed to integrate with the bank’s core systems to simplify workloads and leverage potential opportunities faster. Through the implementation of a comprehensive, cloud-based IT solution, they have successfully transformed operations and improved customer interactions. In this session, learn how Beyond Bank achieved this transformational project:

  • How Beyond Bank have used Cloud to track interactions, management of business processes and presentation of customer insights
  • Integrating information from previously siloed systems across customer touchpoints to deliver a single view of the customer
  • Finding a cloud solution to streamline processes and leverage potential opportunities faster
  • Examining how this approach has contributed towards enhanced customer experience

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