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How do you develop a high-performing cloud strategy to support business objectives, demands and outcomes?

As IT evolves into a service, it is critical that all elements bring business value. It is without doubt that organisations are rapidly accelerating their adoption of cloud-based services, however, some are doing so in such a hurry to not be left behind, that they fail to formulate an enabling cloud strategy which will deliver business value. In this panel discussion, panellists will share how they are strategically deploying the cloud to maximise outcomes and deliver value across the organisation and enhance organisational goals:

  • Understanding how to avoid the hype and deliver IT-as-a-Service that provides valuable business outcomes
  • Building a suitable cloud-based environment to meet your unique business needs and maximize the benefits on offer
  • Achieving maximum flexibility and ultimate security with the public, private or hybrid cloud
  • Identifying the best cloud strategy for your organisation – Examining whether there is a need to reassess

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