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11:15 - 11:40

Build products not data centres

In 2007 a smartphone came along that changed everything. Consumers could now store a full library of books in their pocket, book a flight, find a hotel instantly and share their travel moments in real time with their friends. Competition now came from tech companies - Amazon, Google, Tripadvisor. In order to stay relevant, innovation and speed was key, re-organising technology teams to build software using agile techniques. Developing a cloud first policy to even the playing field; rapidly deploy and scale software, and build new products, not data centres. In this session, learn from over five years of experience building and migrating software to the cloud.

  • Building platforms using agile methodologies and IAAS to allow the business to focus attention on higher value activities like rapidly delivering new products.
  • Examining the journey – what did the three stages look like, what were the challenges faced and what is the strategy going forward?
  • A look at how the cloud market has matured, innovations in that space.
  • Team structure and organisational change, embracing DevOps and retraining for a cloud driven world.

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