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Day 2: Mobility

Make your interactions real to create real gains

Customers are on the go and are connected more than ever before. Cutting through to an increasingly fragmented community, disenfranchised and switched off from traditional media added to the growing prevalence of ad blocking software, the importance of refining and improving your mobile presence cannot be underestimated.

With mobile now dominating more than 70% of searches, now is the time to take mobile engagement to the next level- going beyond raising awareness of your products and services to improving customer satisfaction, providing support and building loyalty. Staff and customers can also benefit from refining your mobile strategy.


Opening by Chairperson

Chief Information Security Officer, Government Sector

Morning tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Global Megatrends

Futures Researcher & Principal Scientist, CSIRO and Author of "Global Megatrends", CSIRO

New Paradigms: Visions of Future Mobility & Immersive User Experiences

  • Emerging technologies / innovations, key trends & visions shaping the future of a smarter/connected world
  • Multimedia convergence covering new paradigms in the TIME - Telecom, Internet, Media & Entertainment domains
  • New-age applications in mHealth, mEducation – Driving ’Simplexity’ to curate relevant ecosystems to develop holistic solutions focussing on user experience
Strategic Advisor & Innovation Evangelist, Avantage Global

How Demographics, Mobility and Personalisation are impacting the financial services world

  • What app features matter in a mobile first world
  • What role does mobile play in driving advocacy
  • How do engender greater trust with customers through mobile
Global Industry Executive - Banking, Finance & Insurance, Global Industries, Telstra

Panel Discussion
Mobilising the workforce

It makes perfect sense to prioritise the mobility of your sales employees on the road but why stop there? Is it possible to create a holistic mobility plan for all employees to ultimately improve cross business processes?
  • Look at methods and opportunities for moving away from single-point solutions to build an integrated mobile system that offers flexibility and consistency to all departments
  • Identify the departments, such as HR, accounts that can be transformed through mobile implementations and discuss the best mobile approach (i.e. SMS, Apps)
  • Understand, through case studies, whether it is possible to change the demographic and perception of a company using mobile and flexible work approaches in order to attract the brightest new recruits from gen x and Y

Panel Moderator - Anuraj Gambhir, Avantage Global

Strategic Advisor & Innovation Evangelist, Avantage Global
CMO, Xplore Technologies
Chief Information Security Officer, Government Sector

Lunch and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Developing a Unified Security Platform for Enterprise Mobility Managing

Siloed mobile assets has become a major challenge for organisations. Managing devices, applications and now content comes with its share of obstacles, amongst which are concerns around security, integration, compliance and agility. This session will explore those issues and discuss end to end solutions.
Chief Information Security Officer, Government Sector

How to build a business model to enable mobility

  • What is the impact of the operating model on mobility?
  • Is there an optimal operating model to enable, encourage and deliver ongoing mobility for an organisation?
  • Does a shared service approach fit into this space?
Executive Director & Chief Information Officer, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Afternoon tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Mobility in the enterprise, an update from the field

Mobility provides wonderful opportunities for individuals and teams within the workplace. With these opportunities comes security risk that needs to be managed. This session will explore some mobility security challenges and techniques to address them. These include:
  • Leaking of enterprise data assets
  • Evolving mobile device malware threats
  • Rogue mobile applications
  • Maintaining customer and employee trust in mobile devices
General Manager, Information Security and Assurance, NBN Co

Disrupting the gaming industry through innovation

  • Challenging business & legislative constraints through technology capabilities
  • Discovering, prototyping, and starting again. Failing fast at William Hill
  • How William Hill IT enabled a new revenue stream and truly became a business partner
  • Establishing high performing teams to enable this level of innovation
Director of IT , William Hill Australia

Case Study
How mobile presents a way to re-think your business strategy and customer approach

The massive adoption of mobile platforms and technologies has presented companies with a chance to re-evaluate key strategic approaches on multiple levels. This presentation will explore how such opportunities were addressed and executed. A topic relevant to every business as we face a mobile driven world.
Chief Product Officer, Domain

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
CyberCrime: From SciFi to boardroom threat - Where the challenges lie in the digital future!

Futurist & Chief Executive Officer, Market Clarity