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Day 1: FinTech

Finance has been dominated by large players eager to control markets and dictate terms, often charging hefty fees and having slow delivery methods to extract the greatest benefit for the finance company. The Financial Technology industry has seen rapid growth over the last few years of new disruptive financial systems that will have a massive impact on incumbents. With billions of transactions annually at stake, even tiny percentages of each quickly add up to astronomical figures, hence strong competition from many players eager to become the dominant player, yet new and innovative options are being created by the Fintech industry.


Ministerial Presentation

Government Ministerial Keynote
Premier of New South Wales, New South Wales Government
Lord Mayor of Sydney, City of Sydney

The Future is being Written in Lines of Code

To stay ahead in a future digital economy, businesses need to prepare for radical change. Today, the digital skills that underpin the success of our future economy lie in the hands of a small group of people.

How many business leaders can confidently say they understand what goes on behind the screen or how the hacker mindset works?

For leading businesses, innovation is no longer a one-off, it’s a necessary culture shift. Understanding the languages of technology; code, data, cyber security, machine learning, lean methodologies and beyond is a way to supercharge this new culture.

Decoded has grown in four years from a small start up to the world’s preeminent global technology educator, famous for teaching anyone to Code in a Day and on a mission to spread Digital Enlightenment.

Recently, Decoded have been working more deeply with global boards on how new kinds of business and leadership can ensure professionals thrive in the machine learning age and with governments to reimagine what a new education system needs to look like for the next generation.

Decoded successfully campaigned for code to be taught on the UK national curriculum. The first country to make it a mandatory for all children.

Decoded CEO Kathryn Parsons will share her story of how she took on a mission impossible, how she decoded the digital world and will share her observations about what we can expect and how we can prepare for the changes driven by technology which await us.

Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Decoded

Morning tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Opening by Chairperson

Head of Human-centred Design, NABLabs, National Australia Bank

Ministerial Keynote
Ministerial Keynote Address

Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, New South Wales Government

CIO Panel Discussion
Shaping the future of financial services

  • Financial technology – The outlook in 5 years time?
  • What will agility and adaptability mean?
  • What drives technology adoption and will it make us more efficient
  • Key factors in competitive advantage
  • Delivering a more seamless customer experience

Panel Moderator - Gilles Ubaghs, Ovum

Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technology , Ovum
Chief Information Officer, BT Financial Group
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Societyone

Delivering customer centric products

  • What does customer led design mean?
  • What is driving customer products?
  • How do we ensure we are being innovative?
Head of Human-centred Design, NABLabs, National Australia Bank

Building the ecosystem for financial services innovation

Executive Director, International Trade & Investment, Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Government

Panel Discussion
How platform-based business models are reinventing banking

  • What are platform-based business models and how will they impact banking (and industry more broadly)?
  • Should incumbent organisations view them as disruption or an opportunity (or both)?
  • What do we see as the critical success factors?
  • How will structures and internal culture need to evolve to get this right?

Panel Moderator - Ian Pollari, KPMG Australia

Partner, Head of Banking, KPMG Australia
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Reinventure Group
Joint CEO, Prospa
Executive General Manager Strategic Innovation, Personal Insurance, Suncorp
Head of Partnerships and Fintech, Commonwealth Bank

Lunch and CeBIT exhibition viewing

What can Australia learn from Fintech globally?

  • The development of FinTech in the US, UK, Europe and Asia?
  • What can Australia learn?
  • Overcoming obstacles to growth
  • Seizing opportunities
Chief Executive Officer, Reinventure

Panel Discussion
Fostering growth, innovation and collaboration

  • What is needed for effective engagement and collaboration?
  • What are the barriers to integration and is true integration possible?
  • What regulatory factors are influential here?
  • Collaborate to compete?

Panel Moderator - Gilles Ubaghs, Ovum

Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technology , Ovum
Chief Executive Officer, Tyro
Co-Founder, Metamako
Startup Evangelist, Blue Chilli
CEO and Chief Scientist, CMCRC

Blockchain - The evolution of trust or fallible?

Product Manager, Digital Asset Holdings

What could future payments look like?

Fintech is not only offering new technology solutions but influencing customer behaviour and accelerating demand for faster, more innovative services. Innovation in payments across all formats, retail, wholesale, and corporate is driving investments in new services technology to adapt, and speed up solution development for replacement of legacy payment systems.
  • Seamless and innovative solutions
  • What are our customers telling us
  • Overcoming fraud and security
  • How we see the future evolving
Managing Director APAC, Ripple

Managing risk in a digital environment

  • What are the threats in an ever changing environment?
  • Delivering the highest levels of security
  • What does this mean for reputational risk?
  • Building resilience
Asia Pacific CTO, FireEye

Afternoon tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
Cognitive Computing Comes Of Age

Vice President and Lab Director, IBM Research Australia and CTO, IBM A/NZ

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
Platform Strategy - The changing structure of value creation

Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group