Day 1: Cyber Security

Digital growth drives digital risk

The theft of company data, proprietary information, patent and company secrets, security incursions to detect operating systems are very common and often go unreported. The reputational damage caused by these thefts is often the reason for failing to disclose security incursions, yet many recent attacks have occurred to deliver exactly that, reputational damage.

With more businesses and providing products and services online and the drive for government to transact online, the requirement to deliver secure and robust services is more important than ever before. Learning how to manage public information securely and stay ahead of cyber criminals is imperative for every organisation.


Ministerial Presentation

Government Ministerial Keynote
The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister of Australia (Subject to availability), Australian Government
The Hon. Mike Baird MP
Premier of New South Wales, New South Wales Government
Clover Moore
Lord Mayor of Sydney,

The Future is being Written in Lines of Code

To stay ahead in a future digital economy, businesses need to prepare for radical change. Today, the digital skills that underpin the success of our future economy lie in the hands of a small group of people.

How many business leaders can confidently say they understand what goes on behind the screen or how the hacker mindset works?

For leading businesses, innovation is no longer a one-off, it’s a necessary culture shift. Understanding the languages of technology; code, data, cyber security, machine learning, lean methodologies and beyond is a way to supercharge this new culture.

Decoded has grown in four years from a small start up to the world’s preeminent global technology educator, famous for teaching anyone to Code in a Day and on a mission to spread Digital Enlightenment.

Recently, Decoded have been working more deeply with global boards on how new kinds of business and leadership can ensure professionals thrive in the machine learning age and with governments to reimagine what a new education system needs to look like for the next generation.

Decoded successfully campaigned for code to be taught on the UK national curriculum. The first country to make it a mandatory for all children.

Decoded CEO Kathryn Parsons will share her story of how she took on a mission impossible, how she decoded the digital world and will share her observations about what we can expect and how we can prepare for the changes driven by technology which await us.

Kathryn Parsons
Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Decoded

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Digital growth drives digital risk... and opportunity

Through the Government’s new Cyber Security Strategy, we will be implementing a new cyber security approach that focuses on the opportunities of digital growth, not just the reduction of digital risks. Facilitating private-public cooperation, boosting innovation, and improving our cyber skills and education are going to be the bedrock of our cyber security. The future of cyber security does not rest only in the hands of the defenders.
Lynwen Connick
First Assistant Secretary, Cyber Policy and Intelligence Division, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Securing your information in migration to the cloud

This presentation will discuss the risk factors in “shared computer services” such as the cloud and examine the exposure of highly critical/sensitive IT assets to “untrusted” environments and their weaknesses.
Mikhail Lopushanski
Chief Security Officer, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Mobility and the challenge of securing devices in the field

This presentation will examine how mobile technologies are transforming the way agencies, like the NSW Fire Brigades, fulfil their mission to provide anywhere, anytime access to resources that can enable those in the field to do their jobs more effectively. It will look at the latest in mobility strategies and best practise.
Asaf Ahmad
Chief Information Security Officer, NSW Fire Brigades

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Lunch and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Panel Discussion
How can incident response processes and tools be changed to ensure resilience of enterprises? What are the important metrics?

Pieter van der Merwe
Chief Information Security Officer, Woolworths
Ross Lettau
Head of Security and Risk - NGIS Program, Group Information Technology, People and Corperate Services, Transport for NSW
Mark Burns
Security and GRC Lead, Custom Fleet

What are today’s pressing security issues and risk concerns?

Today, organisations are increasingly interconnected, integrated, and interdependent. They employ technology and ubiquitous connectivity to share an unprecedented volume of information assets with customers, service providers, suppliers, partners, and employees. These sophisticated technologies enable organisations to perform business tasks with a velocity and degree of efficiency that are unprecedented. This presentation will discuss the emerging trends and challenges faced by large customer based companies as cyber crime increases and account credentials are compromised.
Pieter van der Merwe
Chief Information Security Officer, Woolworths

Security on a Shoestring - Helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Protect Themselves from Cyber Threats

No matter how big or small your organisation is protecting your organisation from cyber threats is hard work. There are never enough resources, never enough budget or even enough time in the day to do everything you can possibly do, and you can never be 100% secure.

Unfortunately for SMEs, often they don't have dedicated security resources or even a security budget, and the impact of a security breach can quickly cause irreparable damage.

Mark Burns
Security and GRC Lead, Custom Fleet

Detecting and preventing attacks using the right tools

Risk assessment and software analysis to screen for vulnerabilities is gaining a front seat at many organisations. Keeping software up-to-date to avoid known weaknesses and testing proprietary software for unnoticed vulnerabilities are both front-line defensive manoeuvres that are receiving more attention. This case study will look at how Next Generation Infrastructure Service (NGIS) Program has succeeded in delivering higher efficiencies and increased agility in providing better response to future changes in the delivery and administration of Transport.
Ross Lettau
Head of Security and Risk - NGIS Program, Group Information Technology, People and Corperate Services, Transport for NSW

Cyber Security

Latest developments in cyber security and the Australian Cyber Security Centre - Insights into what organisations need to do to protect themselves
Clive Lines
ACSC Coordinator, Department of Defence

Afternoon tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
The Cognitive Era; AI (Accessible Intelligence) Comes Of Age

Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson
Chief Innovation Officer, IBM

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
Platform Strategy - The changing structure of value creation

Ross Dawson
Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group