Day 1: Cloud

Make cloud work for you

It’s no longer a question of not using cloud or public versus private cloud, but how do I make the most of cloud services? The near instant elasticity, of cloud services deliver substantial benefits to organisations embracing these services, yet there are also negatives to be considered.

Learn from those that have made the transition, understand and implement the positives, whilst managing and addressing the negative implications. Cloud when coupled with big data, the internet of things, and the sheer pace of change are all impacting businesses. Understand how to benefit from Cloud.


Ministerial Presentation

Government Ministerial Keynote
The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister of Australia (Subject to availability), Australian Government
The Hon. Mike Baird MP
Premier of New South Wales, New South Wales Government
Clover Moore
Lord Mayor of Sydney,

The Future is being Written in Lines of Code

To stay ahead in a future digital economy, businesses need to prepare for radical change. Today, the digital skills that underpin the success of our future economy lie in the hands of a small group of people.

How many business leaders can confidently say they understand what goes on behind the screen or how the hacker mindset works?

For leading businesses, innovation is no longer a one-off, it’s a necessary culture shift. Understanding the languages of technology; code, data, cyber security, machine learning, lean methodologies and beyond is a way to supercharge this new culture.

Decoded has grown in four years from a small start up to the world’s preeminent global technology educator, famous for teaching anyone to Code in a Day and on a mission to spread Digital Enlightenment.

Recently, Decoded have been working more deeply with global boards on how new kinds of business and leadership can ensure professionals thrive in the machine learning age and with governments to reimagine what a new education system needs to look like for the next generation.

Decoded successfully campaigned for code to be taught on the UK national curriculum. The first country to make it a mandatory for all children.

Decoded CEO Kathryn Parsons will share her story of how she took on a mission impossible, how she decoded the digital world and will share her observations about what we can expect and how we can prepare for the changes driven by technology which await us.

Kathryn Parsons
Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Decoded

Morning tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Cloud strategies for small to medium business enterprises and the need for mandatory baseline security controls

  • Cost, operational and compliance perspectives of moving to the cloud
  • Why should small to medium business move to the cloud?
  • When you make the move do you have the right resources to manage this?
  • What systems should you never move to the cloud?
  • Do you know how much you have in the cloud already?
Arno Brok
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Information Security Association

Peak cloud: Is it in the forecast?

The use of cloud computing by government has increased exponentially, from a low base, in the last three years. Cloud use cases encompass public, private and hybrid models. Software as a service has overtaken infrastructure as a service as the primary contract mechanism in the cloud. New providers are joining the cloud services panel. Is there an end in sight? When will we reach peak cloud in government?
Discussion points:
  • Cloud usage in government
  • Comparisons with world-wide trends
  • Lessons on cloud adoption from whole of government experiences
  • A look ahead into 2016/17
John Sheridan
Australian Government Chief Technology Officer and Procurement Co-ordinator, Department of Finance

Securing your information in migration to the cloud

Understanding the impact of Shadow IT on your cyber security defences. With the ease of access to Saas, IaaS, PaaS services in the Cloud, business is increasingly bypassing traditional IT structures and procuring systems and services directly in the Cloud. Although these practices can provide potential speed to market unrivalled by traditional IT, they are likely introduce a new set of unmitigated cyber risks. This presentation will explore the risks introduced by this approach and explores alternatives for maintaining the organisation’s risk profile whilst delivering the outcomes required by the business.
  • Right sizing your cloud strategy for your enterprise risk management program
  • Risk, security and compliance for cloud computing
  • Building a meaningful trusted cloud plan
Pieter van der Merwe
Chief Information Security Officer, Woolworths

Enabling business transformation through the cloud

Addressing the technology questions presented by increased Cloud adoption is important but additionally, understanding the business opportunities offered by broader cloud adoption strategies is vital for growth. This presentation will cover how Universal Music Australia has enabled business transformation through the use and deployment of cloud technologies.
  • Anchoring a cloud strategy within a business context and business maturity expectations.
  • Usage scenario: Cloud-based services to enable business transformation.
  • Key performance indicators - Measuring benefits and lessons learnt from cloud deployments.
  • Making the necessary operating model changes to support cloud strategy implementation.
David Vered
IT Manager, Universal Music

How to implement and manage cloud to become more agile

This discussion will deep dive into enterprise end-user needs and expectations, focusing on how to become more agile by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Presenter to be announced shortly. Please visit this page for program updates.

Lunch and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Ensuring cloud portability

Portability can be hampered by many factors such as:
  • Data (differing data models)
  • Application (differing programming languages)
  • Platform (differing operating systems)
  • Infrastructure layer (differing stacks)
    • This panel discussion will examine those issues and their importance when establishing a cloud relationship.
Gordon Dunsford
Chief Information Officer, WaterNSW
Peter Nikoletatos
Executive Director & Chief Information Officer, La Trobe University
Sean Langton
Head of Solution Engineering, Enterprise Services, Bank West

The cloud and the digital workplace - There is no silver bullet

Ken Gallacher
Director Technology, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Tony Silva
Head Technology Architecture & Development, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Adopting cloud technologies to improve customer

Customer experience strategy, including:
  • Business context
  • Our cloud strategy
  • “Hummingbird” Internal DevOps project – People, process, technology and lessons learned
Sean Langton
Head of Solution Engineering, Enterprise Services, Bank West

Digital transformation: Running business-critical apps in the cloud

As organisations strive to become more flexible and cost efficient interest and demand for cloud-based services is rapidly expanding. This session will discuss the seven critical factors for success: Assessment, Migration, Optimisation, Security, Automation, Scaling and Continuity
Peter Nikoletatos
Executive Director & Chief Information Officer, La Trobe University

Understanding key privacy obligations around big data retention and deployment in the cloud

  • Update from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
  • The potential, and challenges, of using deidentification to manage privacy
  • How Australia can lead in developing best practice use of de-identification
  • Upcoming events and consultative forums.
Timothy Pilgrim
Acting Australian Information Commissioner, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Afternoon tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
The Cognitive Era; AI (Accessible Intelligence) Comes Of Age

Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson
Chief Innovation Officer, IBM

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
Platform Strategy - The changing structure of value creation

Ross Dawson
Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group