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Day 1: Big Data & Analytics

Harness data to achieve superior results

Analytics and big data are changing the business landscape. Enabling organisations to outperform their competitors in operational and financial results, big data takes the guess work out of business. Delivering not only new revenue streams, but new ways of engaging with your customers, in continually fragmented and competitive markets, this is the key differentiator that will ensure profitability and success.

In just the last few years, the processing power and the storage capacity required to harness the data to achieve superior results has rapidly reduced in price, so now is the time to learn the tips and tricks from the best in the business – it will enable your business to make big decisions based on real information for real bottom line benefits.


Ministerial Presentation

Government Ministerial Keynote
Premier of New South Wales, New South Wales Government
Lord Mayor of Sydney, City of Sydney

The Future is being Written in Lines of Code

To stay ahead in a future digital economy, businesses need to prepare for radical change. Today, the digital skills that underpin the success of our future economy lie in the hands of a small group of people.

How many business leaders can confidently say they understand what goes on behind the screen or how the hacker mindset works?

For leading businesses, innovation is no longer a one-off, it’s a necessary culture shift. Understanding the languages of technology; code, data, cyber security, machine learning, lean methodologies and beyond is a way to supercharge this new culture.

Decoded has grown in four years from a small start up to the world’s preeminent global technology educator, famous for teaching anyone to Code in a Day and on a mission to spread Digital Enlightenment.

Recently, Decoded have been working more deeply with global boards on how new kinds of business and leadership can ensure professionals thrive in the machine learning age and with governments to reimagine what a new education system needs to look like for the next generation.

Decoded successfully campaigned for code to be taught on the UK national curriculum. The first country to make it a mandatory for all children.

Decoded CEO Kathryn Parsons will share her story of how she took on a mission impossible, how she decoded the digital world and will share her observations about what we can expect and how we can prepare for the changes driven by technology which await us.

Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Decoded

Morning tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Opening by Chairperson

CEO and Chief Data Scientist, NSW Data Analytics Centre

Open data, access and policy shaping

With the merging of three separate policy units related to public data the result is the Public Data Branch which is responsible for Data Strategy, Data Infrastructure, Data and the Economy and Digital Government Strategy. Helen Owens will discuss insights to how the Turnbull government is bringing data policy together with the digital government policy unit and the government’s clear data direction.
  • Policy
  • Planning
  • Publishing
Assistant Secretary Data Policy in the Department of Communications, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Case Study
Digital transformation, customer knowledge and the air travel experience

  • The impact of digital disruption on the travel industry
  • What’s on the innovation agenda for airlines?
  • The power of customer insights and knowledge
  • How Qantas is using data to inform strategy and tailor service
Chief Information Officer, Qantas

Case Study
Connecting offline & online data: The challenges in commercialising big data

  • Why connecting offline and online data is important
  • How to create genuinely useful, commercial data
  • Roy Morgan case study: Building new big data products using digital and transaction data
  • What are the challenges: A focus on data monetisation, data privacy and compliance
Chief Digital Officer, Roy Morgan Research

Using data analytics to build customer understanding, marketing relevance and trust

Big data and analytics continues to be a disruptive business force. One aspect of business transformation is customers are demanding products & services when they want. This high bar for retaining, attracting & instantly prioritizing opportunities is adding a sense of urgency for businesses. Competing just went real-time! 

Setting the stage for: 
  • Real Time Digital Transformation
  • Just-in-time Analytics
  • Machine Learning
Vice President of Emerging Internet Technologies, IBM

Panel Discussion
Achieving business advantage through enhanced decision making – how new approaches and emerging technology are delivering superior business outcomes

  • How can organisations transform themselves by adopting an innovative approach to the integration of process, data and analytics to deliver measurable business improvement?

  • How can organisations build strategic and sustainable capabilities  to deliver better customer, employee and organisational outcomes through the use of intelligent systems, architectures, processes and new operating models?

  • How will emerging technologies such as cognitive computing, robotics and artificial intelligence be used to create new value for organisations?

Panel Moderator - Jon Stone, KPMG

Partner, Solution 49x, Management Consulting, KPMG
Global Director, Matching and Artificial Intelligence, SEEK
General Manager Online, Sportsbet
Head of Data and Intelligence, THE ICONIC

Lunch and CeBIT exhibition viewing

Opening by Chairperson

Assistant Secretary Data Policy in the Department of Communications, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Case Study
Applying the lessons of start-ups to drive corporate innovation

Applying the lessons of start-ups to drive corporate innovation Customer data is one of the greatest strengths of an enterprise, but are startups beating them at their own game? With the use of case studies, Andrew will analyse the startup journey and consider the opportunities for enterprise.
• The models and challenges of corporate innovation
• The data-focused startup process and characteristics
• What we can learn from startups and apply to enterprise
Director Strategic Initiatives, IAG Customer Labs

The winning triumvirate – People, data, tools

Liz will discuss how creative thinking data analysts can unlock key information and assist with transforming operations to achieve business and service excellence.
  • Data to foresight; the value chain
  • Solving the business problem
  • Leveraging data assets
Head Research Insight and Analystics, Telstra

Case Study
Data chaos to structure

Jeremy and Keith will take you on the Flight Centre data journey of how their team manage and use data within the business. They will discuss how they went from chaos to structure and cover topics such as:
  • Dealing with problems
  • Benefits
  • What they learnt along the way
Head of CRM and Data, Flight Centre and Keith Stanley, Director, Komosion
Director, Komosion

The commercialisation of quantum computing

In today’s fast moving environment all IT leaders face big challenges, increasing capacity, providing secure systems, and ensuring that the business is making the most of the opportunities which data symmetry can provide. Quantum computers offer the promise of exponential advantage over any traditional computer for a range of data processing applications.

This has inspired huge multinational efforts to conquer the science behind quantum computing and, ultimately, to build these incredibly advanced devices.

In his presentation Michael will give a broad overview of this worldwide effort to build quantum computers.

  • The nature of the quantum advantage for big data
  • The benefits of quantum computing for business and industry
  • Overcoming future challenges

Associate Professor, Quantum Computation Laboratory Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney

Case Study
The new order: What companies can learn from the manufacturing industry

The amount of data in our world is growing exponentially. We should always be asking “What data do we have?” and “How could it be used to improve business?”. Tim will share insights from working alongside some of the world’s leading manufacturers.
  • What do customers want? Using data-driven customer insights to gain a competitive advantage and create personalised experiences
  • Unlocking the value in data to innovate, compete and improve productivity
  • Work smarter, not harder: Commercialising digital intelligence through smarter processes, such as robotics and automation
Global Market Director, Aurecon

Case Study
Unlocking the secrets of the genome – Thinking outside the box to deliver large scale processing of big data

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research are building next generation data analysis infrastructure to unlock the secrets of the genome and ultimately transform health care. Garvan’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG), sequences 150 Human Genomes every 3 days (18000 genomes per year), and at over 100 Gigabytes per genome annually generate more than 1.5 Petabytes of raw data that needs to be analysed by data scientists.

Dr Kaplan will discuss computational and data challenges using an app to turn smartphones into supercomputers.

Chief of Informatics, Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics and Group Leader, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Afternoon tea and CeBIT exhibition viewing

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
Cognitive Computing Comes Of Age

Vice President and Lab Director, IBM Research Australia and CTO, IBM A/NZ

CeBIT Plenary Keynote
Platform Strategy - The changing structure of value creation

Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group