Australia and NZ Tablet Marketshare 2011 Q4

IDC has released it’s analysis of the Australia and NZ Tablet Market as of 2011 Q4, revealing several insights:

Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G

Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G

4G Tablet Sales in Q1 Q2 2012 Worth Watching

Samsung launched the first 4G tablet in Australia, the Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G on 28th February 2012 (late Q1). At the moment Apple doesn’t manufacture an iPad 4G model that is compatible with Australian 4G standards. As long as this remains the case, Samsung has the chance to pick up customers who need a Tablet with integrated 4G speeds. This group is likely to include a number of business people who work in the 80+ locations around Australia where there is Telstra 4G coverage.

Warwick Bray, Executive Director, Telstra Mobile, said that “in 4G coverage areas GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G can offer speeds typically reserved for the office which will make it hugely popular with business .. customers [who] will be able to access email, cloud-hosted applications and documents without the need for a bulky laptop and it’s perfect for sharing multimedia content on client visits”.

WiFi Only Tablets 54% of the 644,000 units shipped in the quarter

This reflected the increase in the number of WiFi only tablet models available on sale and their greater affordability compared to Wifi/3G versions that cost more to purchase and require a separate data plan.

“Most new entrants started off by introducing Wi-Fi only media tablets in early 2011 and this has gradually increased the WiFi-only unit share. At the same time, the WiFi/3G unit share started decreasing after the low cost media tablets such as Optus MyTab and Telstra T-Touch were discontinued,” said Yee-Kuan Lau, Market Analyst for IDC ANZ.

“The cheaper price point of WiFi-only models appealed as a gift option during the Christmas season and some vendors took advantage of that by introducing price promotions.”

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Well over 1 million tablets shipped in ANZ

1.67 million units were shipped in total. In the second half of 2011, shipments grew by 147% YoY compared to the second half of 2010. However note that shipments do not necessarily equal quick sales as less popular tablets were often discounted to clear out slow moving stock.

Android Tablet Marketshare Split

In Australia Acer was the most popular Android tablet vendor, with Samsung holding the number 1 Android tablet place in New Zealand. It is likely Samsung would have been number 1 in Australia as well if it hadn’t been for Apple’s legal action blocking the sale of one of the main Samsung tablets in Australia.

In New Zealand Android held 27% of the tablet marketshare because Samsung was free to sell all it’s models in NZ and Apple has no direct retail presence.

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