Recover Lost Data From Computers & Storage Devices

Your business data is incredibly valuable and sometimes despite the best planning it hasn’t been backed up before a hard drive, USB drive, RAID array etc fails or gets damaged.

Data Recover Center (DRC) Australia are a CeBIT exhibitor (Stand Q50). They say they have a unique service that offers customers an efficient data recovery service for any type of device or operating system including servers, with these key features:

  • Free diagnosis in less than 2 hours
  • Data Recovery Service available 24 / 7 / 365
  • Payment of data recovery only on success
  • Professional dedication to each individual case

Data Recovery Center - Australia

Data Recovery Center - Australia

After receiving the failed storage device. DRC Australia provides a free diagnosis within 2 hours with 3 service options:

- Normal: Data recovery: estimated 8-12 working days;
- Priority: Data recovery: estimated 4-7 days;
- Urgent: estimated data retrieval 1-3 business days.

These options can be adapted to different situations and needs as DRC Australia is flexible and can adapt to any lost data emergency that may exist. It may be possible to carry out data recovery within 24 hours if necessary.

Main Causes of Data Loss

Data loss occurs when important data stored in a computer or other storage device cannot be accessed. Data loss can occur because of a wide variety of reasons including: malfunction, human error, accidental or intentional formatting, natural disaster, fire, shocks etc.

DRC carried out an internal study in which the different reasons for information loss were analyzed based on records of devices from which data was recovered within a 12 month period of time.

This analysis had surprising results. Almost half of the data loss was due to malfunction/operational hard drive failures, with human error being the second main cause.

Viruses were unexpectedly only a minor cause of DRC Australia customers requiring data recovery services.

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