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We all have old iPhones, iPods, laptops, game consoles, cameras and all sorts of electronics sitting at home, gathering dust. Boomerang Buyback is a company that allows you to recycle your electronics for cold hard cash.

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Shorelog Australia Pty Plan to Lauch BoatBid


Shorelog Australia Pty Ltd are launching the first online boat auction platform in Australia, Boatbid Australia. Bringing existing brokers, dealers and agent customer relationships to promote and sell boats. The platform is open to registered buyers from all over the world.

Come see them in action on the 5th- 7th May, Sydney Olympic Park!

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Banks circle start-ups as path to innovate – 14 October 2013, itnews

But does collaboration pay?

Australia’s banks are coming around to the idea of engaging start-ups to innovate on existing payment processes, according to a finance sector panel discussion.

Speaking at the CeBIT Future of Payments conference in Sydney last week, HSBC’s global head of e-commerce strategy and innovation Andrew Davis said the appetite of institutions to work with start-ups was changing “from a small ‘y’ yes to a capital ‘Y’ yes”.

Although banks had traditionally held an attitude of being able to “come up with all the answers”, build and deliver platforms to market themselves, many were becoming more open to collaboration.

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Is the future of credit card security no card at all? – 11 October 2013, ZDNet

Summary: Smartphones may well take over as our payment platform of choice, but could a proliferation of payment apps kill the golden goose?

With millions spent by financial institutions each year on finding new ways to secure EFTPOS and credit cards, could the solution to better banking security be to simply do away with plastic altogether?

That’s one potential future, according to Craig S Wright, vice president Australia – Asia Pacific at the Global Institute for Cyber Security & Research.

“My opinion on card device security is that we will move away from cards,” Dr Wright said during a panel discussion on the CeBIT Future of Payments conference in Sydney.

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Big data splits Telstra in two – 15 October 2013, itnews

Company divided over when big data feels ‘creepy’.

Telstra is locked in an internal battle to identify use cases for big data analytics that are both commercially attractive and acceptable to privacy-conscious customers.

The carrier is taking a “fairly softly softly” approach to big data and has formed a cross-functional team to look at possible use cases, chief architect of information and corporate systems, Mark Kortink, told CEBIT’s DataCon conference in Sydney last week.

“We’ve got a lot of people in Telstra with an interest in big data together and half of the people in the room are privacy people — which gives you a feel for how seriously Telstra takes privacy,” Kortink said.

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Major payment players close in on mobile – 10 October 2013, Techworld

Visa, Eftpos and Bendigo Bank said enabling mobile payments is a critical part of their near-term business strategies.

Officials from each company previewed their mobile strategies at the CeBIT Future of Payments conference today in Sydney.
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Banks opening to startup partnerships – 10 October 2013, Computer World

Banks must collaborate with startups and be open to disrupting themselves if they want to survive, according to a panel at the Future of Payments conference today in Sydney.

“We have to really open our thinking,” said HSBC’s global head of e-commerce strategy and innovation, Andrew Davis. “We have to look at different approaches. We have to adopt this very collaborative stance…”
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Mobile Payments on the Cusp – 11 October 2013, Banking Day

eftpos Australia CEO Bruce Mansfield believes Australia has reached a “cusp” in regard to progress with mobile payments and this could prompt a dramatic change in the structure of the financial services industry. However, speaking at CeBIT’s Future of Payments Conference in Sydney yesterday, he acknowledged: “This is the twelfth year I’ve stood in front of an audience saying isn’t it great mobile payments are coming.” Mansfield nevertheless predicted that over the coming 12 months the pace of change would accelerate and that new players and products would enter the…


New NFC payment standard for New Zealand – 11 October 2013, Banking Day

Payments NZ has completed drafting a series of standards intended to steer the rollout of Near Field Communication-enabled contactless mobile payments applications. The final version of standards and principles should be ready for general release in March 2014.

Jane Retimana, head of strategy and programs for Payments NZ, which is the standards body the New Zealand payments system, said yesterday that only Payments NZ members would be obliged to use the standards, although other bodies would be encouraged to follow suit.


3D Printing in every school soon and every home (eventually) | ITWire

CeBIT delegates saw 3D printing working producing a range of ‘toys’ to real commercial prototypes and parts. According to Robert Ward, a qualified toolmaker and co-founder of Rapid3D “3D printing will be in every school within the next year and every 





Sydney Olympic Park to host next year’s CeBIT show | The Australian

“It’s definitely going to be bigger next year,” Ms Taranto said, adding the Homebush venue offered more than the 20,000sq m of space used at the Darling Harbour CeBIT show last month. About 600sq m was already booked for next year’s show with 12,000sq 





Xero demonstrates value of cloud ecosystem with seven add-on partners exhibiting at CeBIT | PRWire

Xero demonstrates value of cloud ecosystem with seven add-on partners exhibiting at CeBIT

Xero, online accounting software for small business and their advisors, is proud to announce on the launch day of CeBIT Australia, that in addition to being a sponsor and exhibitor of the event, seven of Xero’s numerous add-on partners are also exhibiting. It’s a clear demonstration of the value of Xero’s open API, which enables other cloud applications to connect to Xero’s platform.




It’s not about the data, it’s about the analysis | ITWire

The man is Harper Reed, self-proclaimed ‘awesome guy’, who gave the keynote address at the plenary session. He was joined by Rayid Ghani, Chief Data Scientist for the campaign. The address was given in the form of an interview with CeBIT Australia CEP 




Spotlight shines on the cloud | The Australian

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and two senior IT people from the Obama for America 2012 campaign will kick off Asia Pacific’s biggest technology fair, CeBIT, which opens in Sydney today, while Julia Gillard will appear by video. CeBIT Australia organiser 




Security goes military at CeBIT | IT NEWS

Introducing the cyber defence team and bug-free code for drones.

CeBIT bills itself as “the digital economy’s most important international event”, so did its Cyber Security conference deliver on that promise this week?

It certainly helped perpetuate the cyber fear doing the rounds of late, with a few subtle reminders that infosec is being militarised — including an attempt by the Australia’s Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) to ban the media from its opening keynote.




CeBIT Australia app built in three weeks on | ARN

The CeBIT app for iPhone and Android used at this week’s event in Sydney was built and submitted to the corresponding app stores within three weeks.

While CeBIT in Europe has had an app that they used for that event, Acromobile COO, Rohit Ambekar, said that this is the first time the Australian event has had its own apps.



CeBIT 2013: Conroy unwraps National Strategy for Cloud Computing | ARNnet

Communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy, has revealed the government’s National Strategy for Cloud Computing, at the CeBIT Conference in Sydney. “Cloud computing has reached its tipping point, it’s no longer a trend,” Conroy told the audience.




Rittal officially launches its RimatriX S at CeBIT | ARNnet

Datacentre infrastructure vendor, Rittal, officially launched its RimatriX S, standardised modular datacentre at CeBIT 2013 in Sydney that aims to be an alternative to a traditional datacentre, reducing the planning and implementing costs of …





Aptira presents Piston Enterprise OpenStack at CeBIT

Local OpenStack Technology Leader Will Demonstrate Turnkey Enterprise Cloud at Premier Technology Event
SYDNEY – May 28, 2013 – The OpenStack® community comes to CeBIT Australia for the first time when the show opens in Sydney today. CeBIT will run to May 30 and is being held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour; OpenStack is on stand 001 in the Cloud Ecosystem section in Hall 4.




CeBit is for C Levels – not consumers | iTWire

CeBit is an annual IT industry trade show and conference held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is on Wednesday (10am-6pm) and Thursday (10am to 5pm). Don’t bother asking how much something on display costs – the answer is likely to